Sunday, February 13, 2011

Skiing and Valentines 2011

Terry, LeRoy and Ryan came to see Ivan perform in a cabaret on Feb. 6, 2011 put on by the Vancouver USA Singers. Ivan sang "Time to Say Goodbye" as a duet and several other group nubers.

We celebrated Terry's birthday on Feb 7.

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful day to ski on Mt. Hood, Feb 9, 2011. Terry took a lesson and Dana and Ivan skied 50 mph.

We celebrated Valentine's Day early with Damon & Phoebi and the grand kids in Pasadena. Terry had Valentine gifts and cookies for the kids and a special cake for Damon and Phoebi.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas 2010 and birthdays

Decorating the tree; a family event.
Elina arrived home from school for Christmas just in time to attend Ivan's concert.

Tessa; Anton's girlfriend is a really nice lady.

Ruth's birthday on the 16th

Terry has a real talent for decoration so needed two real trees to work on.

This is the second tree, the one that eventually had presents under it.

Anna wanted to know if Grandpa's new sweater fit.

Abi, Simon and Anna made up their own foosball rules, but they love Grandma Terry.

Most of Terry's family and one guest on Christmas Eve

Most of Ivan's family and Amy posed on Christmas Day

Ruth helped Elina put candles on Elina's birthday cake

Terry baked Ivan a German Chockolate cake and let him watch a football game with Anton, Dana & Ruth and Elina for his birthday on the 30th

Roy loved his birthday bash for his 90th with 15 friends and neighbors on Jan 7

Friday, December 10, 2010

Oct to December 9, 2010

Terry has Abi's birthday gift ready for delivery at their apartment in CA in October.
Abi enjoys the birthday gift.

We were fortunate to have Damon and his children in town from CA a few days before Halloween and Terry helped them make Halloween cookies.

Then Terry let them each put frosting on their own cookies.

Terry dressed up the grand kids and the house for Halloween and they did trick or treating at each bedroom and bathroom door in the house. Fun!

It was a ward Halloween party at the pumpkin patch of one of the members of the ward in Salem. Damon and kids were in town and each got to choose a pumpkin.

Everyone helped prepare the Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving dinner was terrific with Roy, 3 of Terry's kids and 1 of Ivan's kids, plus Dana's wife Ruth and Amber's husband Paul.

We received a surprise visit from Katie and kids Daniel, Natalie and Megan on Dec 9. They live in Panama City Beach, FL.

Daniel loved the knight armor in the lobby and tried on the helmut.

Terry and Ivan pose with Daniel, Megan, Katie and Natalie.

I don't think it is a ninja turtle, but they love Dana's pet.

All Dressed Up.

Megan the princess with a majic wand.

Natalie waves goodbye.

It was a wet and rainy day as we watched Dana and Megan and Dainial race through the parkinig lot as they were getting ready to leave.